Alchemy Ring Pentacle Forme

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Pentagram was used by the Babylonians as a religious symbol. To Christians, the pentagram means a reference to Jesus' wounds. Today it is rather used by the followers of neosatanists. This character has been assigned to the magical traits and abilities. Many associate it with the sign of Satanism, Satanists use the inverted pentagram, but with a goat's head in the center..
Alchemy Gothic (also known as Alchemy 1977)is jewelry, decorations and ornaments brand, which is produced by Alchemy Carta group. It was founded in Leicester, England, 1977.Alchemy Gothic has achieved remarkable fame in the gothic community,because its subtle, sophisticated and unique design. Alchemy uses the highest quality tin alloy, which ensures the stability of the product form and quality.It does not contain lead or nickel alloy, therefore it is perfect for the people who suffer under mass market product allergies
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